Interviewers won’t remember what you say.

Interviewers won’t remember what you say.

Jaysen Sutton -

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Interviewers won’t remember much of what you say in an interview. They’ll remember the stories you tell.⁣

Anyone can say they work hard and work well in a team. That’s forgettable. ⁣

Talk about the time you cold-called the CEO of a multinational company though. That’s hard to forget. ⁣

Immediately, I’m thinking, ‘Wow, this person is confident and takes initiative’. They didn’t need to tell me they had those traits; I can clearly infer it from their example.⁣

Interviewers will also remember the way you make them feel. ⁣

Are you saying what you really believe, or are you saying what I want to hear? Do you believe in what you are saying or are you doubting your own achievements?⁣

I actually don’t want you to be the finished product. I want you to be someone who can make a mistake and be upfront about it. I want someone who can be honest about what they don’t know. Authenticity is the shortcut to being an exceptional interviewee.