The King’s College London South-Asian Law Students Society was created with the intention of encouraging assimilation, engagement and collaboration between South-Asian law students at King’s College London. Our student group aims to provide students of such backgrounds with the perfect platform to find and engage with contemporaries who have faced similar challenges and navigate their way across law-school.

The King’s College London South-Asian Law Students Society has also been a means of socio-political and legal discourse, raising awareness of key political issues that exist within the South-Asian region. We have published posts and articles on issues such as the Kashmir crisis and South-Asian representation in the media. Moreover, as promoting interaction between such students is an utmost priority, as well as honing their legal skills, we have held focused-group negotiation workshops in collaboration with The Negotiation Clubs and have hosted a panel discussion on ‘Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law in South-Asia.’ Throughout the year, we plan on organizing more vocational events and charity drives as well, hoping to get more students involved.

Attached below is a link to the membership form for this society. Students from any university within the UK are welcome to join, irrespective of whether they are law students.