Our vision is to unite an interdisciplinary diverse community with a joint interest in solving problems using FinTech, we want to facilitate peoples development of knowledge around emerging technologies within the Finance industry and to show how this tech could ripple throughout other sectors and disciplines. We aspire to promote entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindsets within our members to benefit their future careers paths and endeavours.

We frequently host Q&A’s, Talks and Seminars with our network of professionals who work in or with the FinTech industry as well as friendly socials and other group activities! During these recent UK lockdowns and with the pandemic keeping people at home we have moved all our events to exclusively online over platforms like Zoom. we don’t want anyone to feel isolated we feel this is the safest as well as the best way to include everyone in our activities. Now that the world is opening up again we can’t wait to safely get out there and meet everyone!

Our main aim is to facilitate opportunities for our community, to build their knowledge, network and excitement for such a rapidly expanding and innovating field.