21st March 2019
African legal market

Africa: Should businesses & law firms still be investing in this emerging market?

Africa: Should businesses and law firms still be investing in this emerging market? In simple terms an emerging market is a country which is shifting away from their traditional economy and developing their productive capacity. However, it is difficult to come up with a comprehensive definition, so emerging markets are typically defined by five key characteristics. Lower than average per capita income (less than $4.035) Rapid economic growth Highly volatile […]
11th March 2019
Lyft IPO

Lyft IPO: A bet on things staying the same?

Lyft is preparing its IPO. The ridesharing giant, dwarfed only by its counterpart, Uber, is said to be eyeing a valuation between $20 and $30 billion. Uber, whose IPO will likely be happening later this year is said to be valued 4x higher, at approximately $120 billion. As Lyft revealed its financials ahead of its upcoming IPO, it has become clear that no definitive path to achieving profitability has been […]
25th February 2019
Brexit passporting rights

Brexit impact on debt financing transactions

Since the UK’s vote to leave the EU on 23 June 2016, the debate around the impact of Brexit on the financial services industry has largely centred around ‘passporting rights’. Financial institutions and banks, amongst others, are rightfully concerned as Brexit poses a threat to their current ability to sell financial services and products across Europe with minimal additional authorisations. As the 29th March 2019 deadline looms, Brexit continues to […]
10th January 2019

The Gig Economy

You may have heard the ‘gig economy’ being thrown around in recent articles and on the news but what does it mean? What do gigs have to do with the economy? Has there been an increase in concerts lately? Have One Direction finally gotten back together?* Although you would be forgiven for assuming so, the gig economy actually has nothing to do with the musical type of gigs. The gig […]
30th December 2018
Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia: yay or nay? An overview of the newest emerging market

Saudi Arabia – a G20 country which sets the record for having the biggest oil reserves in the world – is increasingly being defined as one of the hottest emerging markets of the moment. What’s behind the Kingdom’s recent popularity are the numerous reforms (both social and economic) that the Saudis aim at introducing in the next decade. Their main objective is to diversify their oil-dependent economy and make it […]