TCLA Society Partners 2021-22

Memberships, booklets and discounts for your members

Each year, we build partnerships with a limited number of student societies so we can help your members as best as we can. We are particularly looking to partner with societies with shared values, including big ambitions, a desire to make a difference to aspiring lawyers and a compelling mission.

We have worked hard to design a compelling 2021-22 programme that will help your members in their journey to securing a training contract.

We primarily achieve this through offering discounts and free subscriptions to TCLA Premium. We have spent thousands of hours to make our premium subscription service one that will transform aspiring lawyers into exceptional applicants. You can read more about this service here.

Note, if you partnered with us in 2020 and would like to do so again, please do still apply! We can then issue you new commercial booklets and free subscriptions.

What do our partners receive?


This year, our Society Partnership Programme is bigger than ever! For each society that partners with us in 2021-22, we are offering:

  • 10 free one-month subscriptions to TCLA Premium Bronze (valued at £40 each);
  • 5 free six-month subscriptions to TCLA Premium Bronze (valued at £199 each); and
  • 5 free hard copy ‘Guides to the Commercial World’ (40 page guides covering everything from M&A to law firms as a business)

to be issued in a competition or giveaway to your society members.

Plus, all members of your society will receive an exclusive coupon providing 20% off TCLA Premium. Your logo and society profile will also be featured on our homepage and partners page, visible to our thousands of monthly active users.

Finally, over the course of the year, we are keen to learn how we can best help you. We’ll also send you exclusive TCLA resources, guides and further giveaway material.


What are we looking for?

At the beginning of the training contract journey, much of this process feels intimidating, overwhelming, and competitive. However, it’s our strong belief that much like learning a language or playing a new instrument, aspiring lawyers can learn how to excel in their applications.

Through these free subscriptions, booklets and discounts, we want to raise awareness of TCLA Premium. That’s because we’ve poured our hearts and souls into it and we really believe it’s valuable. We partner with societies because we know you play a fundamental role in guiding and advising your members. We want you to love TCLA too, so you are genuinely promoting something you find useful.

In return, we ask you to promote TCLA within your society. In the past, we have seen the success of social media giveaways, lecture shout-outs, negotiation competitions, blog posts, email newsletters, and more – but we leave it to you to draft a plan for what works best for your society. For more information, please see the information in the ‘Apply Now’ button above.

Check out our 2021 partners below